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Name Subheader Era Designer Developer Published
ATLANTIC WALL Invasion of Europe WWII Joe Balkoski Steve Ross 01-Jun-78
BLOODY APRIL The Battle of Shiloh, 1862 ACW Rich Berg Rich Berg & Tom Walczyk 01-Aug-79
CAMPAIGN FOR NORTH AFRICA The Desert War, 1940-43 WWII Rich Berg Martin Goldberger 01-Jun-79
DESCENT ON CRETE May, 1941 WWII Eric Goldberg Eric Goldberg 01-Apr - 78
FIRST WORLD WAR, THE 1914-1918 IWW Frank Davis Mark Herman 01-Apr-77
HIGHWAY TO THE REICH Operation Market Garden, September 1944 WWII Jay Nelson Irad Hardy 01-Jan-77
NEXT WAR, THE Modern Combat in Europe Modern Jim Dunnigan Mark Herman 01-Jul-78
OBJECTIVE MOSCOW The Death of Soviet Communisum Modern Joe Angiolillo Phil Kosnett 01 - Apr-78
OPERATION TYPHOON Moscow, 1941 WWII Joe Angiolillo Joe Balkoski 01-Aug-78
TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD The Three Days of Gettysburg ACW Rich Berg   01-Jul-76
WACHT AM RHEIN The Battle of the Bulge, December, 1944 WWII Jim Dunnigan Jay Nelson & Joe Balkoski 01-Feb-77
WAR BETWEEN THE STATES 1861-1865 ACW Irad Hardy   01-Apr-77
WAR IN EUROPE Struggle Against Germany and Italy, 1939-45 WWII Jim Dunnigan Irad Hardy, Tom Walczyk, 01-Oct-76
WAR IN THE EAST The Russo-German Conflict, 2nd Edition WWII Jim Dunnigan   01-Apr-74
WAR IN THE PACIFIC The Campaign Against Imperial Japan WWII Jim Dunnigan, Irad Hardy,   01-May-78
WAR IN THE WEST Germany vs. Europe, 1939-45 WWII Jim Dunnigan   01-Apr-76
WELLINGTON'S VICTORY The Battle of Waterloo Napoleonic Frank Davis Fred Georgian, Tom Kassel, 01-Nov-76

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