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Date published: 6/1/1979

Designed by: John Butterfield,
Brent Nosworthy & Robert Jervis

Developed by: ?


Kiev, Rostov, Operation Star, and Korsun in one package with Historical Background booklet. The games use the celebrated Panzergruppe Guderian game system with untried units and headquarters units adding to the mix of rail movement, mech and non-mechanized movement, and step reduction and unit disruption. Can Kharkov S&T 68 be the 5th game in this set?

From the Box:

"Of all the theaters in the Second World War, none approaches the magnitude and ferocity of the campaigns in the Soviet Union, and few simulation game systems have approached the popularity of SPI's Panzergruppe Guderian system."


4 Folio sized Maps.
Units are Divisions / Regiments
Maps vary from 7.5 to 17 km/hex.
Turn scales vary from 2 days to 2 weeks.

Formats and Pricing:

Army Group South was offered in the 2" box , and in zpack plastic bag.
The box was offered new at $20.

Later published as capsule games in Moments in Conflict. (Link)


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