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I asked Greg if he could put together a demonstration of the Pea Ridge tactics discussion board. What follows is Greg's play-by-play of his suggestions from the board.  Enjoy! ---Russ

PS: Like the pictures? They are from the Pea Ridge CyberBoard gamebox. If you'd like more details about it, see Greg's note at the bottom of this discussion!

(Above) Turn 3: Elbert a unlimbers in place and fires at the head of the Confederate column.

(Above) McIntosh forms line and advances on Bussey's position while screening the remaining column from artillery fire.

(Above) Bussey shifts position to block the farm road, dismounts, and attacks what is now McIntosh's right flank.

(Above) McIntosh overruns Bussey.

(Above) Bussey's surviving regiment, 3 Iowa, falls back to the guns.

(Above) Bussey disengages and Elbert a deploys in a new position as Ousterhaus arrives at the fence line.  Note that McIntosh will need at least two turns to set up the attack on the Union position screening Leetown.

Greg adds: "I recommend Bussey's position in the first picture as a kings-pawn-to-king 4 opening move for Pea Ridge. After that, Bussey has to react to whatever the Confederates are up to, and I don't necessarily recommend getting Bussey smashed the way I did in that game. But it did work."

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Great game pictures, huh? Want a copy of the Pea Ridge gamebox? Greg says if you write him at with Pea Ridge in the title, and he'll send you a link for a download!

The zip file is about 14 Mb.  It is an incredible piece of work! --- Russ


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