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  Welcome, SPI gamers!

  You might have found this place while looking for a specific SPI  wargame. 

  Good news - there are nearly 500 articles and items on this site, referencing over 200 different SPI games!

  This website exists to provide enjoyment and support for players of any of the original SPI  (Simulations Publications, Inc.) series of war and strategy games!

  There are a multitude of pages and information about SPI games on
this site, and I continue to add new resources all the time.

  For a complete list of all SPI games from the 1969-1982 era. -  List

  Looking for official errata SPI printed for various games? - Errata

  Wish you had additional scenarios SPI published for the game? - Scenarios

  Need access to articles and notes on the game? - Profiles

  Published variants for SPI games - Variants

  Old SPI advertisements were text-heavy reviews of their games! - Ads

 NEW - Box? FlatPack? Tracking the formats for SPI games! Formats

  Would you like to see an old SPI catalogue? - Catalogues

  How about a period infomercial for SPI? - Videos for SPI Games

  Special mention: Joe Beard's Map and Counters Blog provides a player's analysis of the greatest SPI games. Find it here


The scenarios, variants and profile pages are largely complete.

There is a great deal in info available on the errata pages, but that has more work to be the complete encyclopedic resource I envision it to be.

  I have already pulled together hundreds of pages of info into this website. But I fully expect to add more!

  I am trying to get to a set of pages for every SPI game - like these:

  Terrible Swift Sword | Wellington's Victory |

  I would enjoy discussions of the games, with tactics you've tried and results you achieved.

  Here is an example of that with SPI's Terrible Swift Sword / GBACW series:

  TSS/GBACW discussions

  I also have an opponent's wanted section for TSS/GBACW, but it could be expanded to all SPI games. 

  Opponents Wanted

  But there is much more to be done! However, this is my Christmas present to all of you. Explore the site, and let me know what you think.

  And good gaming!



 By the way - I'd appreciate any feedback you'd like to offer.  Click here







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