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Which exclusive rules should be part of the 'basic' GBACW system?


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Russ Gifford writes:

"There are times I wish some of the Exclusive Rules, or specific case rules were the same from volume to volume of the series.

"So, that leads me to ask: what rules from any one of the GBACW series games, (or TSS2, Stonewall, Bloody April or Rebel Sabers) do you think that should be the standard for the 1.0 series as a whole?

"I am not attempting to draft new rules. I am not trying to concoct a new system. Don't send me new rules to consider. I am not a game designer, nor do I play one on TV. I am simply asking, what rules already in the series do you think would benefit the whole system?

"You can consider that I am following in Eric Lee Smith's effort at this from Moves #56. I look forward to the dialogue!"

Greg Laubach writes:

"Replace 6.11 in GBACW with 6.11 in TSS2. In TSS2, units in column can move through other units on a road at the road movement rate as long as the other unit is not in column, limbered, or mounted. In GBACW, a unit in column can't use road movement if there is any other unit on the road."

Russ Gifford writes:

"Nice point. This is a great example of the type of a rule both sides could easily agree to adopt before beginning play."

Greg Laubach writes:

Corinth 21.4 Limitations On Cavalry.  This one has all the good stuff: Lower dismounted morale, if dismounted then can't initiate melee against infantry or mounted cavalry, unsupported dismounted cavalry must retreat before melee by infantry, can only change formation if they are in the effectiveness radius of their leader, and mounted cavalry are in effect independent.

Russ Gifford writes:

First on my wish list: uniform BCE rules. Personally, I'd like Cedar Mountain's BCE rules [24.00] + 1 on all Morale Checks, -1 column shift on any fire. I really like the "unit may not enter an enemy ZOC, or retreat through an enemy ZOC."

But I'd like Corinth's brigade retreat portion of the BCE rules to be basic to the BCE system.  [25.00?] Exceed BCE, and units retreat two hexes and then they have to make a morale check! (Unlike the other versions, where BCE retreat only happens if a regiment fails a morale check in command radius of the leader, this one makes it clear you've toasted these units.) My theory: put some teeth in the BCE rules and people will stop treating regiments like pieces of paper!

Greg Laubach writes:

Pea Ridge 24.0 Brigade Combat Effectiveness Loss

Most of these appear to have been added to the TSS2 rules.

Russ Gifford writes:

Item 2: Melee initiation. I think Corinth pulls this together the best. [22.0 ?] Every unit not stacked with a leader must pass a morale check to initiate melee, and every unit without a leader must pass a morale check to Retreat Before Melee. This pushes the attacker to get that leader into the front lines, and defending units have to really guess if they can or should try to Retreat before Melee.

Greg Laubach writes:

Cedar Mountain 22.0 Artillery Overshoot

Pleasant Hill 22.0 Artillery
22.1 Rapid fire
22.2 Battery Crews
22.3 Counter-Battery Fire
22.4 Prolonge Movement

Russ Gifford writes:

I was about to add Cedar Mountain's Artillery Overshoot rules! I like Greg's choices, though!


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