To the Green Hills Beyond

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Source: Fire & Movement issue 13

Date: ?

To the Green Hills Beyond

Clarifications, Errata, Answers to Questions

[9.1] (clarification)
Each hex may be subject to a maximum of one Rolling and one Drumfire Barrage in each Barrage Combat Phase.

[9.34] (correction)
Replace the words 'remain Disrupted' by 'become Disrupted or, if already Disrupted, remain so.' Units at Cadre Strength can never be destroyed by a Drumfire Barrage unless there is an enemy unit adjacent to them.

[9.44] (correction)
Rolling Barrage CRT explanation, line 2: replace 'may shift to the left' by 'may shift to the right.

[11.22] (correction)
The last sentence should read: 'For example, to trace a Supply Line through a Woods hex would cost two Movement Points.

[11.3] (clarification)
Depots may move if supplies have been drawn from them in the immediately preceding Barrage and/or Ground Combat Phases.

[21.41] (clarification)
One observation squadron can observe for any number of Artillery units. One is added to each such artillery's barrage strength.

[22.0] (correction)
In the Victory Conditions, those concerning the presence of cavalry should have 'east' substituted for 'west.

[25.22] (correction)
The unit in hex 0424 is Sec/5Cav, that in hex 0624 is Amb/SCav, and that in hex 0525 is Can/SCav.

Question: Do Stosstruppen have to stop in the first Zone of Control they encounter?

Answer: No.

Question: May units incapable of Leapfrog Withdrawals cover for units making such Withdrawal?

Answer: Yes.

Question: When tracing supply lines, are movement costs for Zone of Control included?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Are units which must be withdrawn removed from play, or are they moved off the map?   

Answer: They are to be moved off the map at the friendly map edge.

Question: Do 'S' results on the Drumfire CRT have any effect on non-artillery units?

Answer: No.

Question: Are all ground attacks to be declared in advance, so that the defender knows of all of them before he allocates S.O.S. Barrages?

Answer: Defender allocates S.O.S. Barrages as each attack is resolved.

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