Swords and Sorcery

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Source: Game insert

Date: Addenda as of December 1978 

Swords and Sorcery


1. (correction) The Corflu Cultist Zeppelin units should be of "w" Unit Race rather than the printed "m". They are flying units.

2. (correction) As Sphi is the Blue Sun and Orb the Yellow Sun, the colors printed on their counters are incorrect, and the rules correct.

3. (correction) All Zombie Infantry units should be "m" Unit Race on their Demoralized, or reverse, face, rather than the printed "d."

4. (clarification) Conjured counters numbers 40 through 45 are Centauroid Cavalry. To allow for the detail in the silhouette to show clearly, it was necessary to strike the identifying type.


1. (addition) The Capital of Neitherwold should be hex 1528. This addition is necessary when playing Scenario One

2. (apology) We apologize to those who received the S&S map in colors other than the intended lurid pink. We hope that Players will not be inconvenienced by the drab-colored maps they may have received.


[7.7] (correction) The Army Combat Effect for Fords should refer to Note 2, rather than the printed Note 3.

[12.9] (correction) The Range for the Dissipate Spell Screen Spell should be Unlimited on the Personal Combat Display.


Opening Piece of Fiction (explanation) Though the character Zareth has a flying belt in the story, he does not have one in the game. The original character, from which the one in the game was patterned, did indeed possess a flying belt.

[5.0] (correction) As there are no Devastated markers provided with the game (as mentioned in Random Event 3), the Players will have to provide their own.

[12.62] (correction) The cost to perform the Spell Summon Demon is four Manna Points as printed on the Spell Summary Chart. The rules are incorrect.

[12.73] (clarification) Should a character casting the Summon Force spell roll a 4 (receiving a Demon), the Demon is considered Bound at no Manna Point cost to the Mage for the five Turns that he controls it.

[13.69] (addition) Characters retreat with the Army units they are stacked with, unless the owning Player wishes not to. Should all Army units in a character's hex be eliminated, he may not retreat, and is vulnerable to capture (see Case 19.2).

[16.28] (addition) Vortices moving off the map (through Random Movement, presumably) are removed from play.

[16.34] (addition) Due to a distortion in the map concerning Citadel Isle, units may stack three high when within the confines (i.e., the walls) of the Citadel Isle. Whether this is due to sorcery or natural conditions, none can be sure.

[20.22] (note) In many scenarios, counters will be listed for a side that are not provided in that nationality's countermix. When this is the case, the counters should be taken from a force not used in the scenario, and are considered Friendly units, within the definition of Case 7.42. Example: In Case 21.22, the Duchy of Endore, the Endore
Player must take Light Spear units from the Goblin mix to satisfy his initial force requirements.

[20.34] Set-Up of Player Diplomacy Markers (omission) In two-Player games, the first Player sets up in hex A and the second Player sets up in Hex D. In three-Player games, the first Player sets up in Hex B, the second Player sets up in Hex D, and the third Player sets up in Hex F. In the four- and five-Player games, the Player should assign the Diplomacy Hexes randomly, by chit pull. In the six-Player game, each Player takes one of the lettered hexes, assigning them alphabetically according to the Player Order.

[24.21] (correction) The Orcs set up with 18 Light Spear, not Heavy Spear. In addition, the Dark Lord Player has the services of the Dark Lord in the scenario.

[35.0] (addition) The Sequence Outline should end in this fashion:

G. Random Movement Phase

This Phase is identical to Phase E in the Army Game Sequence, 4.0.

H. Manna Regeneration Phase

[37.16] (deletion) The sentence after the semi-colon should be ignored.

[38.61] (deletion) The reference to "Magic Execution Spell' after the Spell title should be ignored.

[38.63] (correction) The Range of the Spell Screen Spell is two, as listed in the Spell Summary Chart.

[38.71] (deletion and correction) Again, the reference to a "Magic Execution Spell" should be ignored. The Manna Point cost for the Spell should read All Manna Points (minimum of 5) as listed in the Spell Summary Chart.

[40.37] (addition) Characters must remain on the Personal Combat Display for at least 5 (five) Personal Combat Segments.

[44.23] (addition) A given group of characters may gain the benefit for defeating Spectres only once per game. If any character who had been present when Spectres were defeated earlier (in order to gain converse with the dead) is present when a second group is defeated, he and any accompanying characters may not Contact Higher Plane.

[45.18] (reference) See Case 46.55 for an explanation of Toll Trolls.

[45.24] (clarification) The last line of the Case should be modified to read ...must be dead or captured)."

[45.31] (correction) The sword Retaliator only adds one to a non-Paladin's Magic Resistance, as listed on the Retaliator card.

[45.44] (clarification) Movement of a given Vortex is still determined randomly. The possessor of the Globe of Vortices may only determine in which direction the Globe moves, and only when a given Vortex is within the six-hex radius. Therefore, the maximum Movement of a Vortex is six hexes. Exception. Should Eodred the Sorceress possess the Globe, she may move it up to the full six hexes (her choice).

[46.16] (omission) When beginning the Quest Game, Players begin the Yellow Sun in the Game-Turn One position. The Players then place the chits lettered A through L in an opaque container, and randomly pick one of the chits. The Red Sun is placed in the lettered position corresponding to the chit drawn, and the Blue Sun is placed in the
position directly opposite.

[46.3] (omission) Quest E: Characters razing the castle receive a 10 Victory Point award (in addition to the 10,000 Gold Mark reward). Should the castle be standing at the conclusion of the game, Snorri receives an award of 6 Victory Points.

Due to a lessening of time constraints, the designer and developer are now soliciting proposed rules changes and new scenarios for possible inclusion in MOVES. Prospective authors should write to SPI in care of Eric Goldberg and/or Greg Costikyan.

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