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Source: S&T 68


Stonewall S&T 67 Game Errata

[8.77] (ADDITION) A unit may either be placed in reserve status or may be taken out of reserve status during a Friendly Movement Phase. The unit may not do both on the same Friendly Movement Phase.

[11.0] (CLARIFICATION) General Rule: Mounted cavalry units do not have a Zone of Control.

[13.2] (OMISSION) The second sentence should read: Furthermore, it must be able to move into the defending unit's hex through one of the attacking unit's frontal hexsides.

[18.87] (ADDITION) Artillery units defend in melee combat with a strength of 1, regardless of the strength of the gun crew.

Also, this page was inserted into the game:

Some of the counters provided with Stonewall are missing the letter 'R'. Please note that all the Confederate unit markers should be labeled with 'R'. This has only occurred on some of the Confederate counters on some of the sets. Also note that some counter sheets were cut very close to the edge; each counters sheet contains 100 pieces.

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