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Source: Moves 21 (page 18)

Date: As of June 1, 1975

StarForce Errata
In early editions of StarForce, certain values in this Scenario were in error. These are corrected below.

A Solitaire Game

Players have twelve Star Forces available to lift off 60 Population Points (each Population Point represents a third of a million humans). A combined set of two Decimal Randomizers is used to simulate the uncertain time of nova. The actual
star in question is determined randomly at the start of the game. Players win the situation by getting all the population safely off the planet.

Pick a chit from the Stellar Randomizer and read the top two-digit number. Read that number as one of the hexes in the "2000" column of hexagons (the same column that Sol and 70 Ophiuchi are in).

If the bottom number of the chit is positive trace a clockwise orbit around Sol maintaining a constant hex distance from it (this will describe a large hexagonal circle just like the rings of Zulu Limits printed on the map). If the bottom number is negative. trace the orbit counter-clockwise. The first tertiary star system that the orbit traces through (in a two-dimensional sense) is the endangered system. If there is no tertiary system in that orbit. pick another chit.

Four Star Forces at 202010 (Sol), two Star Forces at 2336/+ 17 (Sigma Draconis), four Star Forces at the endangered star system. and two Star Forces at the (undestroyed) tertiary system nearest to the endangered star (in true, distance). If two stars are equally near. use the one which is also nearest to Sol. All Star Forces are empty. All systems have StarGates except the endangered star and those destroyed in the First Incursion (see 31.62).

Victory is measured in terms of how many Population Points are saved (each equaling one Victory Point;. A perfect score of 60 Victory Points is a Decisive Victory over the situation; a score of 50 to 59 is a Substantive Victory; 40 to 49 is a Marginal Victory. Less than 40 Points is a defeat. If a Star Force is lost in the rescue attempt (either by Overshift results or being incinerated) subtract three points from the score. Don't forget to count as lost any Population Points on destroyed Star Forces at the time of destruction.

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