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Source: S&T 65

Date: November, 1977


The following corrections and clarifications are made for the game Raid from S&T 64:

[4.1, parts B & C] (clarification) A Player forfeits any chance to move or fire only if both he and his opponent elect to pass during a Game-Phase.

[5.21] (clarification) Line-of-sight for Command Radius is traced from the Headquarters unit to the combat unit.

[6.2] (correction) Reference should be to the continuous black lines (not red).

[7.2] Range Attenuation Table (correction) In the 7 hex range column, all pluses (+) should be minuses (-).

[7.44] (clarification) If the MG kill zone extends along a hexside, the hex to the right of the hexside is considered affected for game purposes; the hex to the left of the hexside is unaffected.

[7.92] (clarification) An MG should be facing into a hexside during all Game-Turn Phases, but facing only matters during the Movement Phase. During the Direct Fire Phase, all MG's have a 360 arc of fire regardless of facing.

[9.3] (correction) The Scatter Diagram was not deliberately excluded. Use the compass rose on the map and add numbers one through six to the com pas, with (I) being on the North point, going in a clockwise direction until all six points have a number next to them. Those that have played other of SPl's tactical games (Mech War, Fire Fight, etc.) will see such a diagram on those maps.

(addition) if an artillery concentration is plotted into the same hex that it impacted into the previous Game-Turn, then the indirect fire is not subject to scatter .

[9.42] Indirect Fire Combat Results Table (addition) - Die rolls of less than 1 result in no effect. Die rolls greater than 6 are treated as 6.

[9.5] (addition) If a unit is in the impact hex of a 4.2, 105mm, or gunship rocket fire add 3 to the In direct Fire Combat Results Table die roll. This effect is cumulative with any terrain effect that may apply.

[9.7] (clarification) A building does not accumulate "rubble casualties" if a building is subjected to artillery or rocket fire and the combat result is less than 3 or 4 there is no damage to the building structurally. Units in the building may still suffer casualties due to near misses and the resulting shrapnel.

[10.8] Close Assault Restrictions (additions) -- Mortar Sections, HMG's, Bazookas, Recoilless Rifles may not initiate a close assault; they may still defend against a close assault.

[13.21] When a helicopter is at NOE it possesses 10 observation points. When a helicopter is at NOE it is subject to the same LOS restrictions applied to ground units (see Observation, Section 6.0). Helicopters do receive terrain benefits in all cases when at NOE. If a helicopter is at NOE the LOS between the helicopter and a target ground unit is blocked if the first hex 'in front of' (i.e., between the helicopter and the ground unit and directly adjacent to the ground unit) the ground unit is a Heavy or Building hex or is any hex higher than the ground unit. A helicopter may only see units in Heavy and Building hexes according to Case 13.22.

[13.24] Helicopters may rise to altitude or drop to ground level at the beginning of both the Direct Fire and Movement Phases. In order to show the difference the owning player flips the helicopter from its NOE side to its other side to show that he is raising the helicopter to altitude. When a helicopter is at altitude it possesses 20 Observation Points. When a helicopter is at altitude it expends Observation Points in the following manner: I Observation Point for each hex that the LOS passes through except for the hex that the enemy unit occupies. Here the helicopter expends Observation Points equal to the value of the hex; this is different than the observation costs for a helicopter at NOE. (Example: The enemy ground unit is in hex 2928, the helicopter is at altitude in hex 2023. The helicopter expends 14 observation points to observe the enemy unit. Eight observation points were expended up to hex 2928 and 6 observation points were expended to look into 2928. When a helicopter is fired on when at altitude the terrain type it is considered to occupy is clear. When a helicopter is at altitude it can be observed by all ground units within 20 hexes of it.

[13.45] (addition) Gunships may fire their rockets into building and heavy hexes without having sighted the enemy units in that hex. This is an exception to Section 7.0.

[14.21] (addition) In any Game-Turn that a fire team uses the M203 and Fire Combat, it fires as i it had one less man than it actually possesses (i.e. a four-man Fire Team would fire as a three man team on the Direct-Fire CRT.

[14.22] (clarification) Fire teams may move while loading a rifle-grenade; they may not fire.

[14.23] (clarification) The 106mm RR may only be moved by Truck or Helicopter.

[15.6] (addition) Litiani River Special Rules: The wall is not there for the purposes of this scenario.

[15.91] All Ground units have their Movement Allowance reduced by 2 Movement Point Ground units may still move at least one hex p Game-Turn regardless of terrain costs. Observation ranges for all units is reduced by 5 but units still gain the Overwatch benefit.

[15.7] Alpha Force: 6 LMG's instead of 2

(Special Rules addition) The Alpha force does not have to land on Game-Turn 1. They may land any Game-Turn and the entire force does not have to land at the same time. The arrival of the Alpha force can be staggered. (Mission correction) Alpha force to destroy the following buildings by Game-Turn 20.


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