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Source: Strategy & Tactics, Game Insert

Date: As of July 25, 1977

PanzerGruppe Guderian

[3.4] CLARIFICATION: The Soviet Mechanized units are considered to be Armored Units for set-up and reinforcement purposes.  There are more Soviet Armored units in the countermix than are needed for play.  This was done deliberately to give wider fluctuation to Soviet armored capabilities in the game.

[6.37] ADDITION TO AH VERSION: German combat units moving through a Railroad hex may cut that rail line.  Mark cut rail lines by placing a Rail Cut Marker in that hex.  Soviet units may not use Rail Movement into or through a Rail Cut Marker.  Rail Cut Markers are removed by Soviet combat units entering the Rail Cut hex while moving normally during the Movement Phase.  Rail Movement may resume over repaired
rail lines during the Turn following their repair.  The number of rail cuts permitted is restricted by the number of markers provided with the game (6).  The German Player may, however, remove Rail Cut Markers previously placed by moving a German combat unit over the cut, and thus make the marker available for new cuts.

[6.59] CLARIFICATION: Supply for all units involved in Overrun attacks is determined at the instant of overrun.

[6.7] TERRAIN EFFECTS CHART, CORRECTION: Under Road Hex, the reference
to Case 11.14 should read 11.13.

[11.13] NOTE: This case does apply to Case 11.11 but does not apply to Case 11.12, i.e., when using the twenty Movement Point routine to trace supply, the cost to cross the river is paid regardless of the presence of roads.

[15.11] CORRECTION: In the last paragraph of this case, the reference should read 14.23 (not 13.23).

15.2] ADDITION (Not in AH version) : The actual outcome of the German campaign was a German Marginal Victory.  The Play of the game reflects this to some extent (i.e., there is a bias in favor of a German Marginal Victory).  If the players so wish they may consider a German Marginal Victory a "historical" victory, but a German "player"
may win only if he achieves a Strategic Victory or better.  In such a case, a German Marginal Victory would be considered a draw.

[16.1] CLARIFICATION: The Reinforcement schedule in the rules is right, not the table on the map. i.e., the Soviet player does not receive Turn 12 reinforcements.

[16.2] CORRECTION: In Game-Turn Two, the German Player receives the 26th Infantry Division, not the 16th.

[16.2] ADDITION: On Game-Turn Seven, Entrance Area E, the German player receives, in addition to those units listed, the 268th Infantry Division.

[16.2] CORRECTION: GERMAN REINFORCEMENTS: The last listing is a typographical error. The listing after the Game-Turn Eight listing should read as follows:

Enter Game-Turn Nine in Entrance Area G:
31st and 34th Infantry Divisions.


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