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Source: Strategy & Tactics Issue 74, page 34

Date: May/June 1979

Panzer Battles

Game Addenda

[4.0] (correction) C-2: The fire of personal anti-tank weapons is also resolved in step A of this Segment.

[5.5] (correction) The Rally command may also be issued to companies in Morale State 1.

[6.33] (correction) Leg infantry units may voluntarily double their Movement Allowance to 4 through a procedure known as charge.

[6.0] (clarification) Hexes containing the color of more than one Height Level are considered to be at the lowest indicated color (e.g. hex 0723 on the Arracourt Map is at Height Level 0).

[7.0] (clarification) Observation and Line of Sight is not affected by the presence of other Friendly or Enemy units on the map, Destroyed vehicle units do not form "wrecks" of any kind.

[10.0] (correction) PROCEDURE: Step 5 should read "Whatever the result of Step 4 .... "

[12.22 and 12.32] (correction) No Effect is indicated on the Loss Modification Tables by "0" (not " - ").

[13.12] (clarification) If more than one assaulting unit is entering the hex, a defending unit may only attack one (not all) of these assaulting units with a given weapon system.

[13.22] (correction) The reference to Case 13. 12 should be omitted.

[19.27] (omission) Scheduled reinforcements must begin entering the map on the Game-Turn indicated.

[22.0] (correction) SOVIET DEPLOYMENT: The reference should be to Case 19.22 (not 21.22).


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