Objective: Moscow

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Known Errata:

Source: Game insert

Date: Addenda as of December 1978 

Objective: Moscow

Rules -

[10.23] (change) US-allied Army HQ's may move Friendly units within two hexes.

[13.5] (addition) Hovercraft may not enter all-sea hexes in the Black and Baltic Seas, but may enter partial-sea hexes in these areas. The Baltic extends to hexes NW 3613 and 3714 inclusive.

[13.74] (addition) Each Space Marine brigade may drop from orbit only once per game.

[13.9] (clarification) There are no Soviet mountain divisions.

[15.1] (change) There is no Game-Turn Track. Replacement Points are listed in the Scenarios with the Reinforcements.

Counters -

1. The British Army of the Rhine is incorrectly marked as a Corps HQ.

2. PRC 3-3-5 units without symbols are Mechanized Infantry. PRC SI-0-5 units without symbols are Cruise Missiles.

3. The Iraqi First Mechanized Division is incorrectly marked with an armor symbol on its Untried side.

Map -

Add the following terrain in the listed hexes:

1. Major Port (NW3517), Minor Port (SW1302, SW0103), Minor Airbase (NW1210, NW2918, SW0427), Urban (SW2313), NE0136 and NE0137 are Rough.

2. The "Baltic Boundary" notation in NW2814 is incorrect.

3. The "7" notations in SE1541 and SE1845 are incorrect.

4. NW2806 should be in East Germany.

5. The Weather area including Vladivostok (SE 1442) is Area 7.

6. Hexsides SW3924/3925 and SW3925/3926 are Major River.

7. Hexsides SW3850/3951, SW3853/3953, etc., are Weather Boundary.

8. Mongolia includes hexes SE1752, SE1753, SE1652.

9. The reference to hexrow 3250-3950 in the Alaska Box is changed to hexrow 3151-3847.

Set-Up & Reinforcements -

1. Soviet air units listed as setting up in SE2340 should be in SE2342. Those listed as in SE1728 should be SE2122.

2. Chinese air units listed as in SE0130 should be in SE0129.

3. The Norwegian infantry division listed as entering in NW3713 on Game-Turn One should enter on NW3622.

4. Some Soviet and Czech units begin the game overstacked. This is correct, and should be corrected by the Soviet Player on Game-Turn One.

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