Errata: The Moscow Campaign

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Source: Game Insert

Date: As of 31 October 1973



[Case S:] The parenthesized units (EB units) have no Zone of Control, but do retain their Combat Strength for the defense only - even when alone. The bracketed units retain their Zones of Control but must be stacked with a non-bracketed unit in order to attack or defend. Bracketed units must be moved onto in order to be destroyed. They may not be attacked by normal adjacent combat in the Combat Phase if they are alone.


The first paragraph containes an erronious statement concerning the computation of victory. Beginning with "At the end ..." and ending with " ... to award victory." should be deleted. The correct explanation of computing victory levels is given in the paragraph labeled "Levels of Victory." In the listing of Victory Points awarded for objectives, the Germans do not need to be in supply to gain the two different victory Point awards for Moscow.


Under the "Summary of Weather effects, effects on both Players' units: Freeze," the frozen rivers and lakes affect neither movement nor combat.


Under the Combat effects column, the phrase "add two to the die roll" should always be changed to "subtract two from the die roll."

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