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Source: Moves 29 (page 36)
Rule [14.11] addition per Q&A with David Isby 1/24/15

Date: As of Sept 19, 1976



[12.12] (CLARIFICATION) The additional Movement Point cost for the anti-tank ditch on Game- Turns 1 and 2 is not negated by roads and trails running through the hexside.

[20.12] (CLARIFICATION) The Israeli Player deploys his units first.

[20.13] (CORRECTION) Only 1 (3-5-8) should be included in the Syrian Reserve.

Proposed 'derived Errata' submitted by Paul Sheppard

[20.18] [20.28] VPs for Nawa. Wrong hex stated. Nawa is in hex 2823, not 2933.

[20.28] VPs for Kuneitra. Wron hex stated. Kuneitra is in hex 1416, not 1476.


[11.0] (CORRECTION) All references to mountain hexes should be to rough hexes. Note also that a unit with a Movement Allowance of four or less must expend two additional Movement Points to cross a river hexside.

[14.11] (ADDITION) Guerilla units are exempt from the [7.0] requirement that the phasing player must attack adjacent non phasing units.

[14.13] (CLARIFICATION) This is the only time during the Game-Turn that the Chinese Player may voluntarily create Guerillas.

[14.14] (ADDITION) Guerillas are also formed from Chinese units destroyed by nuclear weapons.

[16.21] (CLARIFICATION) City hexes are considered road hexes for purposes of supply.


Rules Clarifications via Paul Sheppard 7/30/2019


The roads meander a little against certain hexsides and in the victory conditions, the LOC is not clarified. I suggest the Soviets must trace to the eastern map-edge, by road if possible.


Stacking limit is 3 Israeli units for the Jerusalem city hexes but in Scenario 1, players need to resolve the fact that 4 units start in hex 3013. Suggest the Israeli player has to move at least one of the units on turn one in order to abide by the stacking limit at the end of turn one.


Zagreb is described as a city in the rules but printed as a town on the map. I treat it as a town.

River crossings in the game Yugoslavia:

The charts say refer to section 12.0, and the exclusive rules only give the movement costs and retreat restrictions, but there is no information on what combat shifts should apply. [players should make their own decisions here]


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