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From Moves 29

Source: Moves 29 (page 36)

Date: As of Sept 19, 1976


Standard Rules
[5.13] (CLARIFICATION) During any Friendly Movement Phase a unit may always move one hex, regardless of the number of Movement Points it has to expend, except when prohibited from exiting a hex by the rules concerning Enemy Zones of Control.

[7.21] (CLARIFICATION) Barraging Artillery and/or Ground Support Points do fulfill the requirement of attacking Enemy units in Friendly Zones of Control. However, when adjacent to an Enemy unit, Artillery units must still participate in an attack against an adjacent Enemy unites).

[7.62] (OMISSION). = no result. All units remain in place.

[9.11] (CLARIFICATION) Ground Support Points may be used for Barrage and FPF in the same Game-Turn.

Counter Mix (CLARIFICATION) In Leyte, all U.S. units are Army units. In Bloody Ridge, Okinawa, and Saipan the light green U.S. units are Marines: the dark olive units are Army units.

Bloody Ridge

[13.2] (OMISSION) If any hex of Henderson Field is occupied by a Japanese unit, the U.S. Player immediately loses his Ground Support Points. The Points are returned to the U.S. Player on the Game-Turn following that in which all the hexes of Henderson Field are reoccupied by U.S. units.

[14.0] (CORRECTION) The Japanese Player wins by occupying any two (or more) hexes of Henderson Field with any of his units at the end of any two consecutive Japanese Combat Phases.

[15.2] (CLARIFICATION) There are two Japanese units (11230, 21230) listed in the Scenario II Initial Deployment which are not listed on the Turn Record/Reinforcement Track, nor are they included in the counter mix. They should be included in the game, but not in the Initial Deployment for the Scenario. Instead, they appear as reinforcements on Game-Turn 21. Use any eliminated Japanese (2-2-10) infantry units or Ěsimply make them up from the blank counters.

[12.2] (CORRECTION) Reinforcements listed as arriving at "0001" may enter the map in any hex whose last two digits are "01" (the Western mapedge anywhere from hex 1001 northwards to hex 2901, inclusive). Note that the U.S. reinforcements scheduled to arrive on Nov. 3 (3-2-5 only), Nov. 18 and Nov. 27 are incorrectly listed as appearing at "0100". They should appear at "0001," (as should the Japanese units on Game-Turn 20).

[15.31] (CLARIFICATION) Only the East and North Beach hexes are active in the American Assault and Mountain Barrier Scenarios. All Beach hexes are active in the Final Collapse Scenario.

[16.14] (OMISSION) The U.S. Player receives 5 Points for the occupation of each hex listed.

[18.1] (CHANGE) GAME-TURN TWO: Units scheduled to enter on (S) Beach hexes should instead enter on (E) Beach hexes.

Turn Record/Reinforcement Track (CORRECTION) Oct. 22: U.S., 5-5-5s entering on (E) Beach hexes are infantry units; Oct. 30: U.S. 5-5-5 is an infantry unit; Nov. 3: Japanese 4-6-5 should be "x 3".

Counter Mix (DELETION) The U.S. 304 Artillery Battalion (2-3-5/1-4) does not appear in the game.

Map (OMISSION) The town of Limon is in hex 2503.


[12.2] (CLARIFICATION) U.S. units entering the game by invasion are simply placed in any vacant clear terrain coastal hex. Such units do not count towards the six unit U.S. limit outlined in (14.14).

[18.12] (CLARIFICATION) The town of Yon abaru referred to in this deployment is composed of hexes 1912, 2012, and 2013. It should not be confused with another town also named Yonabaru, in hex 2310. The '1-2-5/1-6' unit deploying anywhere south of the Primary Line should be a 1-2-15/1-6.

[18.22] (CORRECTION) The 2 (1-1-0) units should be 2 0-1-10) units.

[18.32] (CORRECTION) The 4 (2-4-10) units should be 3 (2-4-10) units.

[12.1] (CORRECTION) The second. sentence should read: "One unit of any type may be taken for each remaining vacant Beachhead Marker during each Turn after the First Game-Turn.

[14.12] (CLARIFICATION) Note that all U.S. units must attack on Game-Turn One, because they begin their Combat Phase in Enemy Zones of Control.

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