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Tannenberg Errata From S&T 70
Additional Errata from Insert in Boxed Game

As of December '78


[5.0] GENERAL RULE (CORRECTION) Reference to Case 10.3 should be to Case 10.4

[5.39] (ADDITION) Entrained units cannot attack or be advanced during the Cavalry Withdrawal or Combat phases.  However, an entrained unit which an Enemy unit has been moved adjacent to may be entrained in either of these Phases in order to attack or be advanced.

[5.4] (CLARIFICATION) Trenches are considered permanent for game purposes, i.e. a unit attacked in a hex containing captured Enemy trenches does receive the defensive terrain benefit.

[7.0] PROCEDURE (CORRECTION) Delete the second sentence.

[10.22] (CLARIFICATION) HQ units of different Command Levels are indicated by the presence of colored bands on the counters.  Each HQ units have either two, one or zero bands.


[16.0] (CORRECTION, Case 2.31) The number on the top left of the HQ counter in Capretto is the Attack Shift, not the Command Strength; see modification of Section 10.0.  (CLARIFICATION, Case 9.12) "Lagoon coastal hexes" include 2526, 2524,2523,2522,2425, 2423, 2421, 2325, 2324, 2323, 2322. "Lagoon hexes" include 2424 and 2422.

[17.0] (CLARIFICATION) the Barrage Strength of artillery units is printed in parentheses on each of the counters.

[25.22] (CORRECTION, lines 6-7) "and the four extra Depot units provided in the counter-mix, which are numbered 10-13."


1. Austro-Hungarian 2/6 Brigade starts in s1513.
2. Serbian Be  Brigade starts in s0307 (Belgrade).


[17.11] (CLARIFICATION) The owning player rolls the die to determine if a unit is successfully entrained after that unit has been moved to a rail hex.

[24.11] CLARIFICATION) Cavalry units must lose their ZOC during the owning players' Player-Turn only.


[15.0] (CORRECTION) References to 5.41 (twice) and 5.42 should be to 5.31 and 5.32, respectively.

[22.32] (CORRECTION, see map) The line identifying this Case as the Russian set-up was inadvertently omitted. Also, the third 0-1-3 unit should be set up in hex 1006, not 1017.


1. Austro-Hungarian 24th Division starts in 1606.
2. German 3rd Supply Depot should be marked "11A".
3. Russian 61 R Corps starts in 0714.
4. Russian 70 R Corps starts in 0714.


[15.0] (ADDITION to Section 3.0) The three Russian Supply Depots may be set up anywhere on the Game-Map north of the San-Vistula rivers at the start of the game. The five Austro-Hungarian  Supply Depots may be set up anywhere south of the San-Vistula rivers-Itzanka rivers and east of Cracow, but not within two hexes of any Russian combat unit. (ADDITION to Case 8.3) Whenever Austro-Hungarian and German units are used together in an attack the "TCR 2 and 3" row on the Combat Results Table is used for the determination of the combat odds column. 

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