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Source: Moves 24 (page 17)

Date: As of January, 1976


[25.11] (CHANGE) In order for the Japanese Player to win. all eight of the US Battleships must be in a D2, D3 or D4 state at the end of the Tactical Routine.

[25.33] (CHANGE) Midway: 2 SBD (instead of three)

[25.43] (CHANGE)
Saratoga (006)                                  6(F4F), 5(SBD), 3(TBF)
Enterprise (004)                                5(F4F), 6(SBD), 3(TBF)
Wasp (008)                                        6(F4F), 5(SBD), 3(TBF)

[25.63] (CHANGE)
Saratoga (007)                                   5(F4F).6(SBD),3(TBF)

[14.5] (CHANGE)
Line 6, Column +3: the correct result is D2, (not D1).


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