The Crusades

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Known Errata:

Source: S&T 71

Date: Addenda as of  November 78


Errata for Crusades, game from S&T 70.


Combat Results Table. There is a mistake in printing on the table Under the 2-1 ratio, die roll of 2, there should be no "r next to the 15% loss for the Attacker. This result should read 15/20r.

Turn Record Track. There are two Turns for March II printed on the Track. Ignore one of them.


The First Crusade counter reading, "Emir of Ramlah" should read "Emir of Tripoli. "


[6.48] (clarification) Bezants paid to alleviate attrition are paid al the end of movement; they need not be planned or written.

[9.73] (clarification) Disrupted Forces may not retreat into a hex in which there is a siege going on, regardless of which side is besieging. Furthermore, a Disrupted Force may not stay in a hex in which a siege is begun; it must move on elsewhere.

[20.3] (Insh'Allah) Caravan Arrives event: The Force occupying the route hex furthest east will steal the caravan money.

[23. 29] (clarification) All Armenians in such situation do not fight.

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