Constantiople, Siege of

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S&T66 Game errata

The following corrections and clarifications have been made to the S&T
66 issue game, Siege of Constantinople.

RULES (by Case Number):

[3.21] (CORRECTION) The Sample unit is incorrect. The Defense Strength should be the center number and the Morale Rating the number farthest to the right. The Attack Strength is properly indicated.


(ADDITION) The terrain effects of Breached Wall (Inner and Outer) are:

+ 2 Movement Points

- 1 Strength Point per attacking unit

The terrain effects of City Wall are:

+ 1 Movement Point

- 1 Strength Point per attacking unit

[8.21] (CLARIFICATION) A roll of 1 through 4 is a No Effect. An Ineffective unit may lose one or two steps due to fire.

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