The Battle for Cassino

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Source: S &T 72

Date: Jan/Feb 1979

The Battle for Cassino


1. The Elevation of hex 3226 is 50 meters, not 100 meters. The Elevation of hexes 4021, 4121, 4221, 4321, 4420, 4520, and 4619 is 250 meters (as marked) not 150 meters (the color is wrong).

2. The Game -Turn Record/ Reinforcement track printed on the map contains a critical typographical error: the Allied Air and Artillery Bombardment Points are transposed: i.e., all the numbers shown to the left of the slash are actually Artillery Bombardment Points, and all numbers on the right side of the slash are Air Bombardment points.


[3.31] Sample Unit Diagram
The front of the unit shows the Area and Game Turn of entry (not hex of entry. In the case of the unit shown, "C3" means that the unit enters anywhere along the map edge Zone C on the 3rd Game Turn.

[6.4] Terrain Effects Chart
Ignore the lines referring to the "stream" and "ravine" - these terrain types have been eliminated from the map system and their effects have been accounted for by changes in elevation.

[11.12] (fifth line) "…this is flipped to a 2 if a second loss is taken, and …"

[17.12] Omit entire Case.

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