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Source: S&T 61 (page S3 - insert)

Date: As of April 1, 1977

Standard Rules:

[5.26] (OMISSION) Terrain effects on movement are cumulative. If a unit does not have sufficient Movement Points to enter a hex, then that unit may not enter the hex (e.g., a unit may not enter a forest-rough hex by crossing a stream hexside as this would require more than six Movement Points).

[7.4] (CLARIFICATION) Terrain Effects on combat are not cumulative. If a defending unit might possibly benefit from two different types of terrain, only the effect most beneficial to the defender would be used (e.g., a unit in rough being attacked across stream hexsides would be doubled for defense, not quadrupled).

Source: Moves 29 (page 36)

Date: As of Sept 19, 1976

Standard Rules:

[9.0] (CLARIFICATION) A unit is doubled on defense as long as all adjacent attacking units attack across ford or bridge hexsides. The participation of non-adjacent units has no effect on this. A unit being attacked solely by artillery is doubled as long as the line of sight of the artillery fire crosses a ford or bridge hexside, a creek hexside, or an impassible hex.


[14.2] (CORRECTION) Rodes brigade should be deployed in hex 1214 (not 1114).


Battle of the Wilderness:

[17.21] (CLARIFICATION) This case should be taken literally: Union units which begin the game in non-road/trail Forest hexes surrounded by Forest hexes may not move the first day, except into an Enemy Zone of Control.

Cemetery Hill:

[15.51] (CORRECTION) All references to hex 2212 should be to hex 2112. All references to hex 2221 should be to hex 2120.

[15.52] (CORRECTION) All references to hex 2201 should be to hex 2101.


[16.1] (CORRECTION) Either Player may exit his units from the map via hexes 0101 and 0111.

[17.31] (CORRECTION) The Confederate Player must be able to trace a road from hex 0101 or 0111 for a Line of Communication.


Game Map (CLARIFICATION) The hexside 0713/0714 is treated as a stream for all purposes (the break in the line indicates the extent of the Canal.)

(also see Grand Chancellorsville option below)

Hooker & Lee:

[16.11] (ERROR) The Correct exit hex number is 2101, not 2107.

(also see Grand Chancellorsville option below)

Grand Chancellorsville Option 

(joining Hooker & Lee with Fredericksburg)

(from Footnotes, Moves issue 27, from Richard Berg)
Two rules were omitted from the Grand Chancellorsville Option, victims of the merciless guillotine of space restrictions. They should be considered optional; however, they are actual rules, not variants.

1) If a cavalry unit begins a Turn in the ZOC of an Enemy infantry or artillery unit, it may move out of that ZOC. It may expend a total of three Movement Points maximum, as long as it does not enter an Enemy ZOC. It may not have combat in that Turn (nor may the horse artillery unit bombard).

2) The CSA Player gets three Victory Points for each Strength Point that it has north of the Rappahannock/Rapidan river at the end of the game. These units must be able to trace a Line of Communications off the southern end of the board. -

 --Richard Berg

Road to Richmond:

(from S&T 61, page S3)

[14.1] (CORRECTION) The listing in the Initial Deployment Chart is partially in error. The Union 1/3/V and the 3/3/V should be deployed in hex 1008 (not 1007). Note that the set up given on the map is correct.

[21.11] (CORRECTION) The reference to the second condition is of course to the Union Train (not Trade) counter.

CRT: The second 4-1 column (furthest to the right) in the CRT should be labeled 5-1.

Suggested Clarification to Optional Attack Effectiveness Rules

Richard Berg clarification on the Attacker Effectiveness rules for B&G I and II.

Due to a miscommunication, designers of the BLUE & GRAY series failed to specify in Exclusive Rules whether “Attack Effectiveness” rule should be used.

(1) These must NOT use “Attack Effectiveness”:

Cemetery Hill
Hooker & Lee

(2) These MUST use “Attack Effectiveness”


(In Chickamauga, without attack effectiveness to discourage them, CSA can “bury” Union with repeated low odds attacks against key defensive terrain.)

(3) OPTIONAL Attack Effectiveness

Chattanooga = But I suggest NO – its use makes Union capture of Lookout Mountain very uncertain.
Battle of Wilderness = at players option
Road to Richmond = I strongly suggest no

horizontal rule

Special note: On the printing of Blue & Gray II, some rules in the game were slightly reworded for clarity. None of them changed the intent of the rule as previously written.

[8.33] reworded to make it clear any hex with Forest (i.e., with or without Rough terrain) will block LOS for Artillery bombardment.

Also note:

[5.24] should have the phrase "Exception: Cemetery Hill" added.

The exclusive rules do NOT show the addition, nor does the Terrain Effect Chart. BUT on the Terrain Key on the Cemetery Hill map is this:

May be an image of text that says 'All Creek hexsides are treated as "Fords" in Cemetery Hill. Zones of Control extend across all such hexsides. M Creek AR Bridge'

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