Battle of Stalingrad

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Known Errata:

Source: Moves 2 (page 9)

Date: As of April/May 1972


Renamed "Turning Point"

A few corrections for the obvious errors.

The Combat Results Table printed on the map sheet failed to explain DR (Defender Retreats).

(ADDITION) CRT:  "DR -all defending units are moved one hex from their present position by the attacker; units which must exceed stacking limitations or retreat through enemy zones of control are eliminated."

"Units may retreat into hexes occupied by friendly units even if those hexes are adjacent to enemy occupied hexes."

"The attacking units may occupy the vacated hex of a retreated unit up to the stacking limit."

Therefore, the following changes are necessary:

(ADDITION) Case H under Combat: "If as a result of an attack a hex is completely cleared of defending units (due to "De," "Ex ," "1/2 Ex," or "Dr" result) then the attacking units responsible may advance into that hex during the Combat Phase."

(ADDITION) Case Q under Combat: "i.e, units retreated onto friendly units that are being attacked in the same combat phase are ignored for purposes of defense but suffer the same Combat ResuIts as the "host" units."

The rules writer adds:

(ADDITION) Case T under Combat: "In case of dispute the friendly player decides which units will be lost in exchanges or due to overstacking."

(Finally, one of the five German air units was omitted from the set-up map,

(ADDITION) Add one German air unit. It should be placed on the rail line five hexes due north of Rostov.

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