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Errata from Insert in Boxed Game

As of 25 January '77

Post Production playtesting has shown that a small number of errors are present in the game components.


Control Center 1524 starts the game in the hands of the Northeast (should have "NE" in the hex.

Control Center 1016 starts the game in the hands of the Midwest (should have "MW" in the hex.)

There is an obvious typographical error in the Midwest Fuel Sector Labor & Mech Track numbering (i.e. there are two "4's" and no "5").  Also, on the MW Farm Sector Output track, the zero is missing.

COUNTERS (and Case 3.42 of the Rules):

Mech Points on the Trade Mech & Plant Track of the Transportation Sector should be recorded using the "Trade x1" marker rather than the "Mech x1" marker indicated in the rules.

RULES (by Case Number):


(CORRECTION) The FW Player actually starts with nine (9) Plants in his region.

Note also the chart is correct concerning the numbering of starting Areas for the MW and the NE (see Map corrections above.)


(ADDITION) Mech Points may be shipped in inter-Regional trade at a rate of five (5) Mech Points per Transportation Point.

(CLARIFICATION) A single Transport Point may carry a mixed load so long as its total capacity is not exceeded. For example, it could carry three Metal Points and Four Consumer Points at the same time.


(CORRECTION) The third line under the column headed "Metal or Fuel Pts" should read "8-12" rather than "5-12".

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