The Battle of Corinth & why the command rules aren't in use.

by Eric Lee Smith

Mid-day viewed from the Confederate right flank, Corinth  


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(From Russ Gifford:) I always thought Corinth as a game seemed more akin to the original TSS than to the GBACW series, though it came out at the end of the original GBACW run. These comments, from Eric's notes on the game at Board Game Geek,  shine some light on that feeling....

(From Eric Lee Smith:)

"I am the developer of this game and I am proud of it. My main contributions are the map, based on an amazing period map that I found in the New York Public Library, and the playtesting that yielded a really balanced game.

"Rich Berg did not want to use the command rules I created for the system, the 'Great Battle of the American Civil War' system, so this is just brigades moving and attacking. The situation is a classic, with balanced forces, clear objectives, lots of maneuver and combat."