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The Battle of Shiloh, April 1862








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Date published: 8/1/1979

Designed by: Richard Berg

Developed by: Rich Berg & Tom Walczyk

Data: Regimental level Civil War battle game using prize-winning TSS system. Two game maps, 2000 counters, individual leaders, fire and melee, morale, stragglers, gunboats, and more. Includes full historical article.


The long awaited follow-up to the super hit Terrible Swift Sword. But how do you follow an act like TSS? Berg added more chrome for this immensely important battle. But this is not the gradually  expanding battle that Gettysburg offered. In Bloody April, both sides are largely on-board from the beginning, and rather than clear fields and roads to follow as in TSS, at Shiloh the field is densely wooded and the Union is disorganized. Perhaps the difficulty was not with the many new rules Berg offered, as much as it was with the difficulty of getting organized, and conducting an exciting experience, instead of a multitude of pitched battles with lots of new chrome and bookkeeping. 


2 Maps, where 1 hex = 115 yards. There are 1200 Counters.
Each unit is a Regiment or Battery or Leader. 
Each strength point = 100 men or 1 gun.

Each turn is 20 minutes of real time.


Bloody April arrived as a 4" box game, Cat# 2510 and in z-pack Cat# 2511.


The preorder price in January of '79 was $16. It was published at $27. In 1981, with the arrival of the double boxed set of Jackson at the Crossroads  and Battle of Corinth, which would debut at $25, both TSS and Bloody April would be offered for $25 each. ( See advertisement below.)

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