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Samples pages from the

"Learn SPI's Great Battles of the American Civil War" CD-Rom.

(Note: Converting these to pictures gives them a grainy effect. In the CD they look very normal.)

There are 10 sections to this training presentation. Below are four sample pictures.
There are also additional materials on the CD-Rom, including player aids, and complete official GBACW errata. (Click here to see table of contents!)

This disc provides HOURS of helpful step by step instruction. (Click here to see customer responses.)

Click on any picture below to see the larger view.  


When you launch the CD, this is the first slide you'll see. This menu allows you to pick from the ten different training sessions included on this disc.

This allows the user to take control and jump to the session they need, and once there, to watch and listen to the entire session, or to arrow to the specific items they want.

There is an additional two pages of menu items as well!


This sample page is from the Leadership module, which gives would-be players a detailed look at how command control works in GBACW 1.0.

As this slide shows, we use audio and visual steps to point out the details and make it all make sense for you!



A major step in the TSS/GBACW system was the concept that one counter can put units in two different formations. Each has strengths and weaknesses, and this section will step you through the details!

This session also looks at facing and enfilade as well.


Fire Combat

TSS/GBACW used ranged combat, and gave the units the weapons they were historically armed with.

This detailed session shows you the counters, charts and range effects, as well as discussing terrain and target status.


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