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Let's face it - there are literally thousands of items on the website. How do you know if I added something new that you might really like to see?

Going to try to keep this page updated as I add things, so it is easy to locate those 'new' additions!

2/1/16 -  new updates to formats listings, new scenarios included in the scenarios pages.

No matter what - if you are LOOKING for something, drop me a note at the feedback page. Link

Again - there have been many many updates that I have not listed here.


Looks like I did it again - had lots of updates in the past few months, and not mentioned them at all here!  A quick recap:

In June, added Chapter 6 to the ongoing History of SPI via the formats offered: Link


Added Wellington's Victory rules to the download page. Long download - 175 mb? Link


Hmmm... was adding so many things, I forgot to update this. And that include many things I may never have mentioned.

OK - I have the articles and items in Phoenix, up through issue 15. These include a LOT of scenarios for older English games, using Musket & Pike, Rifle & Saber, etc.  Check for the Scenarios on this page (Link), and the general game reviews - and there are many - here (Link.) 

I have also added a number of new Errata pages, including Bloody April, John Carter, Red Sun Rising, Swords & Sorcery, and more? (Link).

Anyone noticed the pages on Monster Games link, or the Quad Games? Link. Besides the over view page for monsters and quads, the games are linked to individual pages for each game. The Monsters are linked to Web pages, the Quads are linked to the full page ad that announced their arrival in the pages of S&T! Here's a sample, with clickable thumbnails and linked articles for Wacht Am Rhein (link)


Added articles and scenarios from the British Sim Pubs magazine Phoenix.  Issues 1-11 are done. Must be at least 30 new pages of material on the site, mostly under Scenarios and Variants. 


Updated the page on the quads to include a link to the full page advertisement S&T published when each quad was released. Hyperlink is on the name of the quad in the middle column. Link to Quads


Added page of the SPI Quads Link to Quads


Added the errata for Battle of Cassino  Link to Errata


Added the rules for Battle of Cassino  Link to Errata


Added links to all TSS / GBACW Discussion Pages (Link)


Started SPI Quad pages  - overall page for all quads,
and started individual Quad game pages.

You know there is the same thing for the Monsters already, right? (Link)

Individual pages for these are linked on Monsters page.


History of SPI, Chapter 4: Birth of the Flat Pack  (link)


To the 'History of SPI' pages, Chapters 1,2,and 3. (link)
To 'Chapter 5: Coming of the Quads.' (link)

12/4/14 -

Link to Q&A (Errata) for SNIPER!  Link to Errata

11/29/14 -

Variant for Dawn of the Dead Link to Variants

Addenda for Mech War 2 (which includes items for Red Star White Star 2nd Ed. and Suez to Golan. Link to Errata

Rules for October War Link to Rules

11/22/14 -

Somehow missed Irad B. Hardy's great operational analysis of Wagram from Moves 29! It is now on the Profiles page and in the directory! Link to Profiles

11/1/14 -

Forgot that I had done individual pages on each of the SPI Monster games! (I tell you, there are hundreds of pages on this site!)  Individual games are linked to the games' list on the SPI Monsters page. Today I fixed some of the picture links, added some info to a few of the games, and added additional pictures and data to each. Link to SPI Monsters

10/31/14 -

Added scenario and variant for Drive on Washington.
Link to Variants Menu

Added May 19 1978 Errata sheet for Drive on Stalingrad.
Link to Errata Menu

10/14/14 -

Added the 1977 full color "Worlds of Simulation Gaming" SPI catalogue to the Advertisements page.  Link to Advertisements Menu

10/12/14 -

Added Errata for :

  • After the Holocaust
  • Constantinople, Siege of
  • Great War in the East
  • Red Sun Rising
  • Stonewall (yeah, can't believe I didn't have that up here already!)
  • Wacht Am Rhien
  • World War Three

There might be others, too. But as of right now, I think I have errata for over 125 SPI games on the site! Using the last known listing of 'errata available' from S&T, I think the ones for War in Europe might be about the last of those to get in here. Now it is down to looking in the boxes for the later sheets I gathered.

BUT - I am ALWAYS interested in adding anything YOU might have that I don't! Please send along any errata I don't have listed, and I'll share it here!
Link to Errata Menu


Added a few new links to videos on SPI games:

  • Berlin '85
  • Seelowe

These are multiple parts - as you watch them on YouTube, see the right hand menu to reach the next installment! Link to Video Menu


My largest effort that last few months has been this project. But I can't really talk to much about it. There are nearly 40 of them here though, and I will add more as I get time. Link to Project


Some additional Profiles (longer articles on games):

  • Sword and the Stars
  • Tank! After Action Report
  • Napoleon's Last Battles Campaign report
  • the Jerrold Thomas analysis of the PRESTAGS units

    and a manifest of the PRESTAGS units themselves. Link to Profile Menu


Added Variants for Pandora fans!

  • Rules to allow Wreck of the BSM Pandora to be played by two players instead of the original 'solitaire only' rules.
  • Rules to link Wreck of the BSM Pandora with Voyage of the BSM Pandora for a larger experience!

And I think there were some other adds, but you'll have to check out the list for yourself! Link to Variants Menu


I know I have added nearly 50 new advertisements and pictures of games. I'll let you look for them! Link to Advertisements Menu

Well, here are a few: Link(DE), Link(CAP), Link(AC)