"If you're interested, I'll tell you the development ... of Cedar Mountain"  - D. Bush
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Since I've started this web site, I've heard many "behind the scenes" stories. Here's a few of them!

Tracking the Development of TSS/GBACW

Snippets and notes from the "Works in Progress" pages of Moves and S&T.
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Designing and developing Cedar Mountain

by David Bush, 6/27/2007

"I'm David Bush, one of the original developers of this game. I just stumbled upon your website and comments while looking for some War Between the States information. If you are interested, I'll tell you the development history of Cedar Mountain...." (click here to read David's story)

Pea Ridge & McIntosh's Cavalry

by Eric Lee Smith, 7/4/2006

I got a chance to ask GBACW developer Eric Lee Smith a series of questions about the system, starting with Pea Ridge and McIntosh's missing horses... (click here to read Eric's answers)

Corinth & Command Rules

by Eric Lee Smith,

Short comments by Eric Lee Smith on Corinth (click here to read Eric's quote)





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