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Welcome, SPI gamers! 

This website exists to provide enjoyment and support for players of any of the original SPI  (Simulations Publications, Inc.) series of war and strategy games!  Here you will find copies of the Errata, new scenarios, articles profiling the games, and discussions of play!

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There's a WEALTH of information about SPI games on this site.
I continue to add new resources all the time.


For a complete list of all SPI games from the 1969-1982 era.


Looking for official errata SPI printed for various games?


Wish you had additional scenarios SPI published for the game?


Need access to articles and notes on the game?


Published variants for SPI games

Replays Pages of full color replays of many SPI games!  Great way to learn about the game and how to play it!
(Don't see your favorite? Send me the pictures and your notes!)
Extras Extras and other things of interest.  (Just check it, ok?)

Old SPI advertisements were text-heavy reviews of their games! I have many of these delightful in depth mini-articles on tap here!


Tracking the formats for SPI games! Lots of data here, including lists of which games appeared in boxes and flat packs!

S&T Supplements

The S&T Supplements! Yes, a number of these hard to find 'fines from the early SPI days are here in PDF!


Would you like to see an old SPI catalogue?
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Phoenix Magazines

Listings and downloads of The Phoenix, the British SIMPUBs issues.

Redmond Simonsen

RAS's Thoughts on Wargame Design link
And a message in a (GEnie)'s bottle link

Videos for SPI Games

Introductions and overviews to many classics SPI games on this list. Think of it as a curated list of videos worth watching to learn about these great games. (New ones added all the time.)

Learning Terrible Swift Sword / GBACW! Learning TSS / GBACW version 1 - a series of slides on PDF and on VIDEO!
TSS/GBACW Free Downloads Lots of free items for Terrible Swift Sword and other Great Battles of the American Civil War games known as GBACW!
TSS/GBACW Stories and Discussions Stories from the Designers, Developers, and Playtesters of TSS/GBACW
TSS/GBACW Tactics Discussions Some multi-person discussions of the rules for Terrible Swift Sword and Great Battles of the American Civil War
Victory Point Excel Sheets Monmouth, Cedar Mountain, Pea Ridge, and more!  Tracks VPs and calculates current victory standing, BCE levels, etc.

  I am trying to get to a set of pages for every SPI game - like these:

  Terrible Swift Sword | Wellington's Victory |

  I would enjoy discussions of the games, with tactics you've tried and results you achieved.

  Here is an example of that with SPI's Terrible Swift Sword / GBACW series:

  TSS/GBACW discussions

  I also have an opponent's wanted, all SPI games. 

  Opponents Wanted (Sign Up Sheet) | Map of Opponents | 2021 SPI Blue & Gray Tournament

  But there is much more to be done! However, this is my Christmas present to all of you. Explore the site, and let me know what you think.

  And good gaming!


 By the way - I'd appreciate any feedback you'd like to offer.  Click here



New!!! 10/6/21

Napoleon's Last Battles Addenda!
The long overlooked addenda for this great game!

Compiled Development Notes

Hastings 1066

What was to be the first or second game in an ambitious "Great Battle of History" project! Read about this forgotten gem here! 

The Central Front Series!
Must see - "Winning with the Warsaw Pact"  by Allen Dickerson!! Lots of detailed analysis for this great system!

Week of 10/1/21 - 10/5/21

Freedom in the Galaxy

After the Holocaust



John Carter

The Thirty Years War

Campaign for North Africa

Bloody April


Army Group South Quad

Fulda Gap

Objective Moscow

Red Sun Rising

Sword and Sorcery

 Vector 3


Siege of Constantinople

SPI by the Numbers
(New Chapter in SPI History)

A great look at a great game, including a play by play of a scenario!


Good Game Design

Including  capsule discussions of Armada, Musket & Pike, Eylau, Vera Cruz, The Crimean War Quad, Red Sun Rising, Arnhem, Oil War, and Fulda Gap

War in the Pacific
None other than Nicky Palmer provides a detailed look at the play and components of the game!

Berlin 85
Diving into an excellent Operational Analysis of the opposing forces and the terrain they will be fighting over!

Blue & Gray I / II
OK Capsule reviews of each game and a grade by Steve List

Pretty good capsule reviews of each game and a grade by Steve List

Great review with detail!

Atlantic Wall 
An in depth look at the system!

A Soldiers Mini Campaign Game! 

Suggesting some improvements for Arnhem?

War of the Ring
Proposing a hidden movement system for the Character game!

Great review of Bulge 1980 using Bastogne 1970 as the contrast!

Empires of the Middle Ages
Quick first look at the mechanics and counters of this game.

A deep look into this game by Nicky Palmer - includes play by play!

Kursk (II)
A look at the 1981 version of Kursk.

MechWar 2
A detailed review of the mechanics and components.

MechWar 2
Some ideas on the British troops and added rules.

A far reaching variant for this classic.

Panzergruppe Guderian
Learning the tactics!

NATO Division Commander
Systems review

The Kaiser's Battle
Detailed Analysis

Week of 9/25/21

Learning Highway to the Reich!
Nice easy start overview from Mauro Faina!

Compiled Development Notes for SPI Games:

Battle of Monmouth

Berlin 85

Central Front Series

Rapid Deployment Force

Replays and Videos

A focus of this site is to improve play. Here are some recent adds to the
SPI Replays. Here are some links:

Terrible Swift Sword

Cedar Mountain (GBACW)

Drive On Washington



I recently added links to new videos - there are over EIGHTY videos at SPI Videos!



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