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        Suggested Log Exchange for GBACW VASSAL Tournament:


Player Turn:
1st Mailing Phasing Player:
a. Adjustments from end of previous turn (Conducts Morale and routs due to opponent's Fire and Melee attacks, etc.)

b. Initial Command Phase: Check for Divisional Command Control, Designate Command Points, Decide Detachments / Attactments, Check for Brigade Control, mark units Out of Command.
Set up all Reinforcements for this turn to line up OFF board.

c. Movement Phase - Move all usints desired. BE CERTAIN TO 'DROP' moving units IN EACH HEX they pass through. This is vital as mistakes in movement points CAN happen, plus overlooked Reaction Fire may be necessary. (Plus, it simply makes the game easier to follow and MUCH MORE pleasing for the non-phasing player.)

NOTE: IF Reaction Fire is required, (e.g., moving through a combat unit's frontal hexside) I suggest the moving player conduct the Enemy die roll as part of the move, and any resulting morale check and rout if necessary. Thus it is just 'part of the move.'

1. IF during the move, the Phasing player is found to have missed a Reaction Fire, OR have applied any Reaction Fire modifiers detrimental to the non-phasing player's result, and this results in a new result - a Morale Check or a casualty and thus a Morale check, the NON-PHASING player will conduct the Phasing player's morale check and apply the Rout (or Pin) if needed. Note the unit's new location.  

2. If the Moving play mis-applies movement points, and thus, the unit does not get as far as the Phasing player thought - oh well. There is penalty for mistakes. Note the mistake in the log, put the unit at the last hex it could legally reach, and move on to your Defensive Fire.

Certainly, in the first move or two, it is fine to help your opponent out and be flexible on this, but it will help both players be sharper if there is some 'cost' to not being mindful of the move. Plus, it is much more akin to the real battles of the time. Commanders ORDERED the units to get somewhere fast - and who knows WHERE they really went! :) 

When Move has ended, save the Log, and send to Opponent.

1st Mailing Non-Phasing Player
Defensive Fire
Non Phasing Player checks log.
a - if an illegal move was made (unit miscounted points - stop the unit at the point it runs out of MPs.)

b - if a Reaction Fire was missed, make the die roll and if no result, unit is where the log shows he is. If there is a result, non-phasing player makes the morale check. If pass, the unit is where the log says he is. If he fails, place unit back in the hex where he failed in a routed state, and note in log the Phasing player needs to rout the unit away.

c - Conduct all Defensive Fire - often very little in the early going.

Save log. Send to Phasing player.  
As early turns have NO contact, or little contact, this should be a QUICK same day or 1 day turnaround. (Max 2 day turnaround.)

2nd Mailing Phasing Player:  (NOTE - Players MAY CHOOSE TO BREAK THIS IN TWO - but it can be done in one.

d) Conduct Morale checks and Routs as necessary due to Defensive Fire.

e) Conduct ALL Offensive Fire, and note which units will advance IF the enemy units Routs or is eliminated due to Fire.

ANOTHER NOTE: Since Advance after an Enemy Retreats allows you to move into a hex much like Melee would have, you CAN Send this to the Non Phasing player as a Mailing if you want so he can conduct his morale checks and Routs.  (IF you do this, also designate WHICH UNITS WILL MELEE their target. If the target does not rout, the opponent can then decide if they are going to RETREAT BEFORE MELEE, etc.)

IMPORTANT NOTE - IF the Players don't mind the opponent making the Morale checks, the Phasing Player makes the Morale Checks as they happen for the opponent. That can make this ALL one mailing if both sides agree to this.  

If the Phasing Player is conducting the Morale Checks, the next step is important:
State it is melee time, and State your Melee Target. Ask if the unit is going to Retreat before Melee
BEFORE he looks at the rest of the log. (ie, before he SEES the Melee results. )

ASSUME the unit is NOT RETREATING BEFORE MELEE, and conduct the melee.

NOTE: As Retreat Before Melee is usually at least as deadly as standing for a melee (showing a flank to retreat, free Retreat Fire Attack, etc)  and offers  NO HOPE of damaging the opponent, most times Units will stand and take the Melee. That of course CHANGES in a case where units are stacked (so the unit left behind takes the Retreat Fire) or they are in woods or terrain that gets an offsetting defensive modifier - but even then, it is pretty dicey.

f) Conduct Melee. If the results are bad for the Phasing Player units, Retreat and apply Moral checks, etc. IF bad for the Non-Phasing Player, leave the units so he can adjust them before the start of his next turn.

g) Ammo Resupply Phase as needed (NA in Cedar Mountain)
h) Rally Phase - Remove pins on Friendly units. Rally units if in Command Range and unit can rally (if Army commander has points, etc.)
j) Replace leaders, note casualties, etc.

Save and send log to opponent.

End of sequence, return to top and repeat as Non Phasing Player becomes Phasing Player. Note that the first part of the Opponets effort will be conducting his Melee Retreats and Morale checks.

In the early turns, you will likely spend more time with this as you feel your way along. (And if you are playing TSS, you DO have an Artillery Bombardment Phase, and the resulting Counter Battery Bombardment Phase, too - but they can be folded into the mailings above. )

But most games are meeting engagements, and there is no contact for a turn or two. You can get the motions down, and get into the feel of the game, and usually have only one exchange for a turn or three. By the time you are getting into Defensive Fire, you are more comfortable with the actions of using the VASSAL Interface and the Log exchange!


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