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        Starting now through January 7:

You are invited to play in the next SPI Tournament starting now! This time the action takes place in the American Civil War using the original SPI Great Battles of the American Civil War.

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Available Games:



Rules Mod
Cedar Mountain Great Battles of the American Civil War V4* Link Link
Confederate Attack Bloody April Scenario Link Link
Culp's Hill Terrible Swift Sword second edition Scenario Link Link
Drive on Washington Great Battles of the American Civil War V2 Link Link
Jackson at the Crossroads Great Battles of the American Civil War V5 Link Link
Little Round Top Terrible Swift Sword either edition Scenario Link Link
McPherson's Ridge Terrible Swift Sword second edition Scenario Link Link
Pea Ridge Great Battles of the American Civil War V1 Link Link
Pleasant Hill Great Battles of the American Civil War V11? Link Link
Stonewall S&T / Box Game (V0!) Link Link
Wilson's Creek Great Battles of the American Civil War V3 Link Link

* Balance Suggested for tournament use.

Tournament Explanation:

Choosing Your Game

Each time you are ready for a game, you will send me a note with the top three choices of games you'd like to play, in order of interest for THAT round, and mark which side you'd like to play. (Use this form  and 'Any' is an acceptable choice for a game.) Where possible I will match available players who have a matching set of choices on their list.

 Players sign up and submit their top three game and side choices for round 1, and the pairings will begin!  If you are ready -- use this link to send me your first round choices! Click here!

Need more info -- read below!

Why a Tournament?

Tournaments are a great way to meet new opponents, and to get experience playing VASSAL, etc.

With enough players, you should not have to wait too long for the next opponent to be available. (IF you are flexible on which game you want to play, of course.)

And - you can play as FEW games as you like, or as many!  Interested? Below is the outline.

Tournament OUTLINE:

I. The Details:
[1.0] All games will use VASSAL modules.
[2.0] The Games will be an exchange of VASSAL logs.
[3.0] OPTIONAL If you and your opponent mutually agree, you can choose to play head to head (live) on the VASSAL server.

II NOTE: If EITHER player wants an outside die roller, you will use an outside dice roller.

III. This is a Swiss System Tournament.
Players continue to play in each round as long as they wish to play, as long as I have someone to match you with!
A Swiss system tries to match you with players that have the same number of wins as you.

IV. Start date: Now.

As soon as I have 4 sign ups, we have the potential to begin.

End date? I will continue to match players as long as I have players to match!

Ready to sign up?  Go here! Link to sign in form

Added resources

Errata for GBACW | Errata for Bloody April | Fire/Melee Chart | Rout Chart | Quick Reference Card | Article List | GBACWv1 Rules | GBACW Turn Sequence Chart |GBACW Leader Chart | Cedar Mountain  Scenario Card | Cedar Mountain Victory Tracker v3 |  Corinth  Scenario Card | Corinth Victory Tracker | Pea Ridge Scenario Card | Pea Ridge Victory Tracker | Stonewall (Optional) upgrade to GBACW Exclusive Rules | Stonewall Scenario Card |

TSS 2nd  Pinned/Ammo/Command chart | Rout Chart | Reinforcements Charts | Errata | Fire/Melee charts | Victory Tracker  |  Quick Reference Card

New to VASSAL?

Download this file: Click Here

Using VASSAL to exchange LOG Files: Click Here

Any questions? send me a note at

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