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Source: Moves 48 (page 12)

Date: As of Dec / Jan 1980

Napoleon's Last Battles Addenda

[8.17] (addition) If a unit(s) is attacked through Stream, River, Bridge hexsides by artillery bombardment only, the unit's defense strength is not doubled. Artillery may bombard across Pond hexsides at one or two hex range.

[9.11] (addition) Entry of reinforcements may be delayed to later Game-Turns. If reinforcements' entry hex(es) are blocked by Enemy units or their Zones of Control, the reinforcements may enter at the closest open board-edge hex. Reinforcements which do not enter the map are not counted in the Victory Point total of the Campaign Game or Folios.

[10:3] (change) Delete the parenthesized section "(and ... command)."

[13. 1] (clarification) The definition of occupation given in this rule applies to the Supply rules of the  Campaign Game (sec 24.2).

[14.3] (clarification) If French losses reach 35 Strength Points and the Prussians are undemoralized, the French immediately lose the game.

[24.0] (clarification) Delete the parenthesized reference to 0900 hrs. Supply is., determined during the Command and Reorganization Phase of each day's initial daylight Play-Turn.

[24. 1] (change) This rule should read: ... All Prussian Supply is traced to any hex on the eastern map edge. All Anglo-Allied Supply is traced to any hex on the northern or western map edge. '

[25.0] (clarification) When using both 25.3 and 25.4, 25 .3 takes precedence over 25.4.

MAP: Campaign Game Errata
Source:(from page 4 of Campaign Rules, 1976 printing.)

A production error has placed the wrong names on the French Officer Counters of II, III, and IV Corps. Reille is actually the II Corps Officer, Vandamme the III Corps Officer, and Gerard, IV Corps.

These names are shown correctly on the map and in the Unit Manifest: Where Reille is indicated on the map, place the II Corps Officer, where Vandamme is shown, the III Corps Officer, where Gerard, IV Corps Officer.

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