Capsule Format Games
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# Moments in Conflict Originally From
1 Chickamauga Blue & Gray
2 Arnhem West Wall
3 Bundeswehr Modern Battles
4 World War 1 S& T 51
5 Kiev Army Group South
6 Rostov Army Group South
7 Operation Star Army Group South
8 Korsun Army Group South
  Robert at Bannocburn Great Medieval Battles
  The Black Prince Great Medieval Battles
  King Arthur Great Medieval Battles
  Tamburlaine Great Medieval Battles
  # Space Capsule  Originally From
  1 Creature that Ate Sheboygan Also 1“ Box
  2 StarGate Also 1“ Box
  3 Vector 3 ?
  4 Titan Strike ?
  # Fantasy Capsule Originally From
  1 Gondor Middle Earth
  2 Sauron Middle Earth
  # Magic Capsule Originally From
  1 Demons Also 1“ Box
  2 DeathMaze Also 1“ Box
This format is a plastic baggie with cover, rules and map. 
All are folded to fit in a 6 x 9 in baggie, with a four color cover and back.
Maps Sizes:
The Moments in Conflict games have folio sized maps -- 17“ x 22“ -- 
The Fantasy Capsule games are also 17“ x 22“ maps. 
The Space Capsule games have 17“ x 11“  maps.
In the Magic CapsuleDemons has a 17“ x 11“ map. 
DeathMaze has no map - game chits randomly drawn create the dungeon.

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