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I've re-formatted the Stonewall rules to work into the
GBACW Standard/Exclusive Rules system. This should bring this great game back into play!

Stonewall was the second game released in the TSS universe. (Bloody April was in production, but as a monster game, it took longer to release.) Stonewall arrived in S&T 76, and it was a big hit with players. Short, sharp and exciting, this tiny game captured some of the excitement that TSS generated among the legion of monster gamers. This success of the TSS system in a smaller version prompted SPI to create a series of shorter rules that became the GBACW game system.

However, that was in the future. For Stonewall, the rules are much closer to the original TSS system, but chopped to accommodate the page constraints of the magazine format. Though well done, the main question for the player is, what's different from TSS? What changes do I need to know?

In the years following the release of the GBACW standard rules system, the questions multiplied. Thus, Stonewall got set on the shelf, ignored and unplayed.

Now you can play Stonewall using these Exclusive rules (click here) with the GBACW Standard Rules!
And you can use this exclusive Stonewall Scenario Card (click here.)

I have recreated the Stonewall rules as though they are the 'exclusive rules' for use with the GBACW standard rules. Thus you need only to learn this two page overview of the Exclusive Stonewall rules to play - just like the rest of the GBACW 1.0 system.

My goal is to bring Stonewall back into play, yet maintain the edge-of-your-seat excitement that propelled the TSS system forward. What follows are the differences in the rules as originally written, and my comments/changes:

Differences between Stonewall and GBACW

I stayed with the Stonewall version of things in most cases. (See table below.)

I only changed the details that were ironed out in the GBACW v 1.0 standard rules - firing in stacks, flank vs. front, pinned units, standard supply rules, routed units, and command rules.

The rest of the rules? Well, that's what the exclusive rules do - highlight important differences in a scenario that are handled by special rules for that particular scenario!

I hope this prompts you to get Stonewall: The Battle of Kernstown off your shelf and back on the gaming table. Let me know what you think of these rules if you do play this mini-masterpiece of a game!

Stonewall Rule #


7.23 Ignore diagram in 7.23 - use standard GBACW rule 7.23.
8.51 Ignore restriction - use 9.3 (4 FP per hexside rule) from GBACW.
8.7 Reserve status is really unimportant for this game. Just setup Tyler.
9.0 Use TEC provided with the Stonewall game.
10.0 LOS - use Stonewall crest/ridge rules, since the map is drawn with these.
10.26 Use the Range Effects Chart on Stonewall map.
10.9 Use the Fire Combat table on the Stonewall map. (See 12.0 below.)
10.8 Pinned units - use standard GBACW rules 9.84.
12.0 Use standard GBACW rules 11.0. For Stonewall rule 12.21, I substitute 11.21. (Roll of 1 on fire chart causes ammo shortage check.) For Stonewall rule 12.22, I stick with Stonewall's 5 MP range instead of 6 MP.
14.25 Note: in Stonewall, an out of ammo unit has a has a +1 morale check modifier!
14.3 A big change, but I have played this using the GBACW rules instead.
14.5 Substitute the standard rout rules (13.0) from GBACW
15.3 Personally, I'd use this rule as standard in GBACW games!
17.12 Use GBACW Out of Command rules.
17.41 Use GBACW Leader Casualty Chart
19.0 Must use for play balance
20.13 BIG change. Necessary for play balance

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