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The following links take you to an incredible resource for SPI game replays!

Each of these links gives you a move-by-move replay and overview commentary of an SPI game - with great pictures of each game as the strategy and tactics of the situation unfolds!

Almost all of these are from an archive I refer to as the Bickford Replays, created by an incredible force of nature named EH Bickford.

This page is made possible by his kind agreement to allow me to take his original blog postings of these games and structure them into PDFs that are easily downloaded for readers to gain enjoyment and insight into these great games! 

Many thanks to the other folks who have contributed as well - including David, and perhaps, you, the reader? There is plenty of room for more of these - and feel free to do the same game again! All these games can branch into new situations on a single different choice -

 or the result of a different outcome! Using these play by play setups, and the Profiles  pages on this site for many
of the SPI games, try your hand at a play by play and see if you can change history.

Send me the notes and the pictures, and I'll post it here as well!


Click here to send feedback or to post me your play by play!

Title About by Length
SPI's Antietam (B&G Quad) Quick play through of the game with a picture per turn! J.L. Robert 20 Pages, 10 pictures
SPI's Battle of Monmouth (S&T 90) Play by play action of the Campaign Game! Lots of action, and lots of pictures with plenty of commentary! David OS 29 pages, 20 pictures
SPI's Battle of Monmouth (S&T 90) This one offers up the first 14 turns, and has plenty of surprises!  Lots of action, and lots of pictures with commentary! Opening also gives an refresher of the game system. Russ Gifford 35 pages, 20 pictures

SPI's Cassino (S&T 71)

Play by play action - 17 turns, nice layout, good writeup. ER Bickford 12 pages, 18 pictures
SPI's Cemetery Hill (B&G Quad) Quick play through of the game with a picture per turn! J.L. Robert 20 Pages, 10 pictures
SPI's Chickamauga (B&G Quad) Quick play through of the game with a picture per turn! J.L. Robert 20 Pages, 10 pictures
SPI's Conquistador (S&T 58) A nicely detailed overview of the game following 21 turns of action with big close up pictures. ER Bickford 29 pages, 25 pictures
SPI's Oil War  (S&T 52) A quick replay (8 turns) of this highly tactical game that was never really considered a great game, but it was widely played in its time. ER Bickford 13 pages, 15 pictures.
SPI's Operation: Grenade (S&T 84)
This game, the second in the Victory in the West series, is a highly tactical puzzle for the Allied player. Mr. Bickford does a nice job of laying out the choices faced by both sides in these 10 turns. The pictures are not quite as clear as others, but this replay is highly informative for those wanting to learn to excel at this great game! ER Bickford 14 pages, 10 pictures, with helpful details on the pictures.
SPI's Panzergruppe Guderian EXCELLENT step by step replay, with lots of beautiful pictures.  Read this replay and see why Panzergruppe Guderian is considered one of best wargames ever! George Nap 38 Pages, 22 pictures
SPI's Patton's Third Army (S&T 78)
A detailed look at the first game in the Victory in the West series, covering 24 turns! ER Bickford 22 pages, 16 pictures
SPI's Pea Ridge
A grand replay of this treasured first volume from the Great Battles of the American Civil War series. There are over 30 large pictures with plenty fo detail to allow you to cover the ebb and flow of the entire battle - all 28 turns! ER Bickford 59 pages, 34 pictures!
SPI's Shiloh (B&G Quad) Quick play through of the game with a picture per turn! J.L. Robert 20 Pages, 10 pictures
SPI's Sicily (S&T 89)
Beautiful pictures with a detailed look at the third game in the Victory in the West series of greats. ER Bickford comments on 20 turns of this highly pleasing crowd favorite, perhaps the pinnacle of the original SPI WWII games.  ER Bickford 25 pages, 19 pictures
SPI's Sinai EXCELLENT step by step replay, with lots of beautiful pictures. The replay is of the 1956 scenario, and is a nail biter to the end. George Nap 26 Pages, 26 pictures
SPI's Siege of Constantinople
(S&T 66)
While he doesn't show every turn, he describes the action bombardment in the first 8 turns, and then picks up as the actions begins on Turn 9! Beautiful closeups of the counters!  Ends on the May 10 turn, so over 20 turns. ER Bickford 15 pages, 15 pictures
SPI's South Africa   ER Bickford  
SPI's Stonewall (S&T 67)
Prelude to GBACW
The Stonewall game has always been a crowd favorite - and one of the earliest examples of SPI taking a great monster rules set and bringing it down to a small scenario. This one takes on TSS,  and creates a knife's edge scenario that keeps both sides on the edge of their seat! This Replay is a huge help as well, though, because first time players can be a little uncertain of what the game is all about, and Bickford's talk through will help people get started! Roughly 12 turns. ER Bickford 11 pages, 12 pictures
SPI's Veracruz (S&T 63) Another great and rather unusual game for SPI. Nice overview to get you started with this highly accessible game that still imparts lessons on the history of this vitally important but long forgotten campaign! ER Bickford 30 pages, over 30 pictures!
SPI's War of the Ring   ER Bickford  
SPI's Wilson's Creek (S&T 80)
A great play by play of one of the great small playfests of the GBACW system. 15 Turns with lots of nice pictures track this game to its conclusion, and you will be much the wiser on your choices when you start your play of this game! ER Bickford 16 pages, 19 pictures
SPI's Year of the Rat (S&T 35) And oldie AND a good one at that! Detailed play-by-play to get you into this game, and see how the mechanics work! This game was a ground breaking look into the war as it was happening, and was a pivotal point for ME in my interest in SPI. ER Bickford 16 pages, 20 pictures
Learning to Play SPI's GBACW v1.0 These are PDF versions of my audio-visual training sessions. (e.g., no audio here).  Consider these a different method of learning the rules to play SPI's TSS/GBACW system. Russ Gifford 10 sessions, hundreds of pictures.

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