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SPI Infomercial

Infomercial A short video with stop motion, looking at the games of SPI, likely shot at a regular playtest gathering. Lots of SPI staffers and writers around. (circa 1974?) SPI? 00:03:40
SPI's American Revolution Review A nicely detailed overview of the game, with a look at the setup, and some play to show you how movement and combat works. XLEGION1 00:19:36
SPI's Armada (!) Overview Play-by-Play An inspired variant to attempt to redeem this known problem child! No ground game! Gilbert Collins  
SPI's Austerlitz Play by Play Play by Play - more when this chapter ends, click on part 2, etc. Charles Cab 00:01:09
SPI's Berlin '85 Part 1 Overview
Play by Play / review The Big Board 00:05:04
SPI's Berlin '85 Part 2 Play-by-Play
Play by Play / review The Big Board 00:03:08
SPI's Bulge Overview Close-up look at the Bulge game map, a small one map game and the setup USAPatriot 00:02:14
SPI's Cedar Mountain Strategic Choices My look at the strategic choices and the realities the Union faces. Russ Gifford 00:20:00
SPI's Cedar Mountain Overview A nice look at the game. Gilbert Collins 00:23:26
SPI's Crusaders Overview A look at the game. HistoryGamersDotCom     00:09:44
SPI's Demon Review Play by Play - more when this chapter ends, click on part 2. EpicEarthComics 00:11:46
SPI's Dreadnought Review Overview Gilbert Collins 00:12:06
SPI's Freedom in the Galaxy Review Using AH's version, but the same. calandale  
SPI's Lee Moves North Review Nice overview - love it! XLEGION1 00:17:12
SPI's Lee Moves North Play by Play Play by Play - more when this chapter ends, click on part 2, etc. XLEGION1 00:33:00
SPI's Napoleon at Waterloo Overview A look at the classic Macrowargamer 00:13:09
SPI's Panzer Armee Afrika Review From the point of view of a solitaire player. DrGarfink 00:14:39
SPI's PanzerGruppe Guderian Intro overview Quick overview of map and game. But promising more segments to come. Kallistro73 00:03:00
SPI's PanzerGruppe Guderian Soviet 1st Part 2 Kallistro73 00:03:10
SPI's Rescue from the Hive Overview A short video examination of the solitaire version of the game. TheRockingHorseDream 00:03:08
SPI's Return of the Stainless Steel Rat Overview Play-by-Play A look at Harry Harrison's iconic character. Jason Young  
SPI's Seelowe Part 1: Intro Overview - Short video with two knowledgeable players! HistoryGamerDotCom 00:10:38
SPI's Seelowe Part 2: SetUp Overview Play-by-Play Set up and Turn 1 - 4 more parts! HistoryGamerDotCom 00:15:42
SPI's Tannenberg Review   calandale  
SPI's Terrible Swift Sword Overview Play-by-Play Nice look at the original TSS! Gilbert Collins 00:18:32
SPI's Time Tripper Overview - Play-by-Play A short video - first of three? - working through the system. (From a new printing...) TheRockingHorseDream 00:09:02
SPI's Voyage of the BSM Pandora intro 3 parts? calandale  
SPI's Wilderness Campaign Review Nice look at the game, with some interesting points of view! XLEGION1 00:18:54
SPI's Worldkiller Overview Play-by-Play Walking through Worldkiller - gives this game the due it deserves! AstralHexEncounter  
SPI's Wreck of the BSM Pandora Intro 4 parts? calandale  

Strategies for SPI's Cedar Mountain

Play by Play This is the demo - I used a piece of the playing Cedar Mountain. This requires Flash!  (Sorry iPad!) Russ Gifford 00:20:00
And my demo list for "Learning to Play the Great Battles of the American Civil War" Teaching Just the items on my menu. (I'll  convert all these to something usable soon!) Russ Gifford hours

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